About Us

VINERIS – Tradition from the Lower Rhine

The history of the Vineris GmbH dates back to the year 1936 when the Süssmost Kelterei Sellge was founded. Under the Tersteegen family, who at that time had been engaged in this company for three generations, the Niederrhein-Gold Tersteegen emerged and is today one of the leading juice manufacturing businesses in Europe.

During all those years wine meant nothing else than a hobby for the family and it wasn't until the late 90ies that the present company manager Urda Tersteegen decided that her passion towards wines and travelling to remote countries should become another focus of her business engagement. The idea of Vineris was born.

After only a few years Vineris GmbH became one of the worldwide leading wine manufacturers. The parent company in Moers in the Lower Rhine region disposes of the most modern production technologies and has a sophisticated worldwide logistics network. Vineris holds strategic partnerships with top wineries of the leading wine production countries in the world, predominantly overseas. Vineris controls every production process in situ, from work carried out at the vineyards to the ageing process in oak barrels, and finally to the shipping of the finished product to the client. The quality of the wines is never left to chance or to others.